Do you want to be an author, a speaker or blog writer with great content?


Do you want to have your book published and find ways to sell it to make you money?


Or, do you just want your book to make you stand out from the crowd and make more money in your business?


Is writing a book one of your dreams?


Do you believe you might get round to writing a book ‘one day’?


Do you think book writing is only for people who excelled at English?


Does it seem too much for you to do?

Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, we are here to help!

We can show you an easy, simple way to write the book that you always wanted to write - quickly and easily!

In this step-by-step training, Ali Campbell and Catherine Muir show you their way of making great content, quickly, easily and fast!

We will show you how to get over writers block, procrastination, negative self-talk and the most common things that stop writer’s in their tracks.

Whether you have never written anything before, or you write a lot but don’t know the next step – we will help you get your book completed if you follow this simple plan step by step.

Most importantly, at the end of this course, you will have learned a great structure to write, publish and make money from your book.

You've just taken the first step in the direction of becoming who you were meant to be.

This home training program offers you the same high-level process shared with professional writers.


In this program:


You will learn how to create your book outline quickly and easily.


You will better understand your audience.


You will learn to write blog posts, book chapters or content that will engage your audience and attract more customers.

Just follow the process and the results will appear!

All of the sessions in this program are specifically designed to activate your creativity. Do your best and trust yourself to write down the first thing that comes to mind. This process works if you follow it exactly.

Each module contains either video, a high-quality audio file and workbooks to download.


You can choose to listen to it online through your personal membership area, or download the audios and play them on your device as an MP3.


Most of the Modules will require some writing so be sure to have a pen and paper or computer ready.


Catherine Muir

Catherine Muir is a successful author, publisher, presenter, celebrity hair and makeup artist and life trainer. Cat presently spends time (when not working in Film and Television), promoting her best selling children’s book, “Scarlet Underpants Meets The Tooth Fairy”, and coaching people to write their own books using the experience she has gained in her own literary career.